International collaboration

  1. Cooperation with ASEAN member states by joining ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standard and Quality - Prepared Food Products Working Group (ACCSQ - PFPWG) and  esyablishment of ASEAN food reference laboratorie in the field of food contact materials.
  2. Cooperation with the Department of Food Control Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey on issuing certificates to distribute food supplies to Turkey.
  3. Cooperation with the Institute of Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCII), Japan on the testing the safety of food containers, according to Food Sanitation Law of Japan.
  4. Collaboration with the National Institute of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan on the exchange of information and the regulation of food contact materials.
  5. Cooperation with the Institute of Metrology, Japan on the development of analytical techniques for chemical measurement.
  6. Partnership with Official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland on the development of analysis and regulation of food contact materials.
  7. Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Processing Engineering and Packaging, Republic of Germany on the exchange of researchers under the FACET.